The project aims is to develop an online course for students at primarily master level of university studies to support students work in multidisciplinary international project teams.

Students from the partner universities will work together on an assignment from an industrial company. Their task will be to improve an existing product according to the company/customer needs. Student teams will include students from the field of engineering (industrial design), management, marketing, artists.

The project partners will develop an online course for the students to equip them with skills necessary to work in an international environment.

The online course will contain modules on intercultural communication, language skills necessary for effective work in an international team, engineering design guidelines, project management, working in virtual teams, online communication.  The online course will be accompanied by glossary of industrial design terminology.  A teacher’s guide will be developed to provide information and instructions for the use of the online course after the project life time. Along with the online course a course curriculum and a grid for students’ work evaluation in the project team will be developed.

During the project life time the course will be run twice. The first time the students will pilot the content of the course, also the evaluation grid of students work will be piloted.  The second round of students will work in the revised online course.

Students will form groups during a face-to-face training, during which they will be given detailed instructions and will be assigned the task by the industrial company. After the meeting, students will work on the assignment in virtual teams; each student will have its own role in the team. Students will follow the online course modules as well as work on the assignment for approximately 8 months. After this period of time, students will meet face-to- face again; they will present their products and evaluate their work. Each team will also be given an evaluation based on the project evaluation grid.