The project is focused on the support of international student´s cooperation, using innovative online methods in multidisciplinary project management team. The need for generic skills (such as soft skills, transversal skills or 21st century skills) is increasing in the current world and thus more attention should, on the curriculum level, be paid to teaching these skills and ensuring that the students acquire the competences needed in the field of e.g. communication in virtual and multicultural environments.

The project aims to create and test a multidisciplinary student´s team learning model where the representative students from several universities in European Union will be involved. The students will be given an assignment from an external company and they will have to find or create a final product/solution working together on-line. The student´s project team will consist of experts in the technical, business and project management fields. The students will be taught in several fields such as intercultural awareness, language and social skills and project management in virtual teams. The team will use an online communication and apply diverse innovative methods (e.g. agile methods) in project management as well as sharing and creating knowledge which are currently used all over the world. The aim is to create a new multidisciplinary subject with the cooperating universities, supporting construction, design, management, language learning and communication in their curricula. Another output will be a multimodal glossary of technical terms and a guideline for teachers in multidisciplinary intercultural learning/teaching.