From final reports and final feedback:

The project has provided us different learning points such as time management, language skills, working in a project and communication with team members, university participants as well as the company. The team has had an opportunity to learn about cross-cultural and field of study cooperation in virtual working environment that requires understanding of code of conduct, change management and conflict resolution skills. Team have had it strength in open communication style and like-minded mind-set that have enabled us to perform efficiently (Team AdAstra, final report).

The project was very successful and every team member felt that they had learned a lot about project work, product developing and virtual working. The project team members feel that their oral English skills have improved and the confidence of using English has improved. The team members are satisfied with the final report and outcomes of the project. Team members will stay friends after the project ends and hopefully it will be possible to meet face to face someday (Team Magma, final report).

English skills improved during this course. Team recognizes that in the beginning shyness and unfamiliar people caused some reservations in the verbal communication. As the project went on, we got more accustomed to each other and became more confident to talk in lingua franca. In addition, field specific vocabulary in English has improved. Trust has always been good and as we got our feedback after each checkpoint, our trust in the result and each other grew. We might be more inclined to consider international possibilities when doing project such as this in the future (Team AdAstra, final report).

But our final report – we’re so proud of it. We have faced many challenges and problems during our project but we managed to prepare the final report. During the project we had to make changes to our scope. Of course there’s lot what could be done better but this was first multi-national and multi-discipline project for all – we have had a great experience. What we have learned during this course is at least so important than the output of this project, the final report (Team Accupic, final report).

As we have said previously the experience has been positive and very pleasant, we have left our comfort zone and we have crossed mental borders since an international project is a great job, having to think, write and communicate in another language can always be scary, but we have felt very comfortable working with each other (pilot 1, team 3).

Working in teams of multicultural people has been an amazing experience. I wouldn´t have expected to work so well with people I have never known in person. Also, it allowed me to improve my communication skills and to face a project that I would not have faced before if it weren´t for MUPIC. (student 13, MUPIC pilot 1)

It is our pleasure to cite our associate industrial partners:

The principle of the “on-line” project was almost “visionary”, the idea was ahead of the time. Now, after covid-situation, everyone understands better which skills are being practised here. Well done, go on! 😉 (MUPIC associate partner).

I see the main motivation in getting new inputs and ideas in problems submitted and also a company PR.  My personal motivation is also a kind of desire to contribute somehow to the education system, to share my own knowledge and experience (pilot 1).

Generally, a link between academic and industrial world has always a positive impact. It forces us to prepare a good briefing and from student side it can bring another way to tackle our industrial challenges (pilot 2).

Good experience, and our company is open for a future MUPIC project (pilot 2).