This multimodal dictionary was developed to ensure that all participants understand each other while discussing technical or managerial aspects. The inspiration for the dictionary entries comes from various online dictionaries and specialized online glossaries (cf. links in the glossary), from the Illustrated Dictionary of Mechanical Engineering (V. V.  Schwartz et. al, Springer Science+Business Media Dordrecht, 1984) and the Illustrated Engineering Dictionary (H.K. Flack & G. Möllerke, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 1999). Other state of the art books were used for specific domains.  Inside the glossary, each input gathers the words in the five languages designing the same object or concept but also the most usual verbs, or adjectives. For a more complete definition of the word, links are provided to online tools and references. To avoid possible confusion, the inputs are also assigned a domain. Presently, there are seven general domains for a total of 2257 words: engineering and industrial design (123), project management (670),  the strength of materials (127), general mechanics (133), CAD (65), machine elements (231) and mechanical transmissions (63), and four specific domains, which were added according to the topics proposed by the companies: railway (108), metallurgy (309), thermodynamics (318) and robotics (110).